After a lifetime of hard work as a building contractor, and having arrived at the age of retirement, I wanted to realise a long-held dream: that of becoming a winemaker. I have found in this enterprise the opportunity to fulfil my ambition and, after several bumpsalong the way, I managed to acquire the property. The former owner, known in the area for the excellent wine he produced, had neglected taking care of the land in his old age.

I devote myself to this job with care and passion, and have followed the expert advice of Dr Angelo Divittini (agronomist) and Dr Andrea Gozzini (winemaker) and am helped by the labour provided by the Italian Wines of Erbusco company (Brescia). from soc. Oenoitalia Erbusco (BS). The ultimate goal of Agricola Carpi is not that of pecuniary gain, but to be able to satisfy the palate of the drinker at a reasonable cost.

 In April of 2013 I produced my first wine, named "ELPRIM": the result was a young and pleasant wine, that rewarded the efforts put into the making of it. In 2015 a more structured wine that has spent time ageing in oak barrels called "COSTA BIANCA" will be ready for drinking. The name "COSTA BIANCA" comes from the area where the vines originated, named by the locals for the typical white colour of the limestone soil.